27 October 2009


hey guys!!!
y'all can watch youhtube here now.
its much more faster than the youtube page cause they have much stuff 2 load and sometimes laggy
watch first dis awesome vids from bleach opening n then da search button will appear at the end of da vids

here's da lyrics 4 the opening of rockman.exe stream!!! :be somewhere (full version)

Another Day Tomorrow
Yami No Naka De Nemutte Iru Dake De
Konna Ni Muboubi Ni Kizutsuitari Mayou Tabi
Answer Must Be Somewhere
Tsuyoku Tsuyoku Iikikaseru You Ni
Kimi No Namae Yobitsuzukeru

Mi Ugoki Dekina You Hosoi Piano Sen Ga
Sekai No Sumizumi Made Harimegurasareteru
Sore Wa Tsumetaku Hada Ni Kuikonda Totan Ni
Dokokade Shikakerareta Torappu Wo Ugokasu
Te Wo Nobashitara Sagashiteta Asu Ni Todoki Sou Na No
Yubisaki Ni Wa Fureteiru

Another Day Tomorrow
Kinou E Wa Keshitte Susumenai Kara
Me Wo Tojita Mama Hashiri Daseba
Soko Wa Mirai
Answer Must Be Somewhere
Watashi No Koto Dareyori Mo Shitteru
Watashi Dakara Shinjirareru

Onegai Shizuka Ni Shite Noizu Okakiwakete
Jibun No Kokoro No Koe Mimiosumaseteiku Kara
Minna No Maneja Itsumo Sugata O Kakushiteru
Arino Mama No Watashi Ga Dakari Hajimeteiru

Saa Tsutaete Yo Takaburu Sono Kanjou Ni Makasete
Kono Machi Made Mo Rokku Shite
Another Day Tomorrow
Yami No Naka De Nemutte Iru Dake De
Konna Ni Muboubi Ni Kizutsuitari Mayou Tabi
Answer Must Be Somewhere
Tsuyoku Tsuyoku Iikikaseru You Ni
Kimi No Namae Yobitsuzukeru

Mada Dare Mo Itta Kodomo Da Ne Michi Michizu Wa Nai Kara
Fuan Ni Makesouni Mo Naru

Walk My Way Long Down Winding
Tsukare Hatete Taoreteshimau Hi Mo
Kore Kara Iku Saki Ni Hikari Nado Mienakutemo
Answer Must Be Somewhere
Watashi No Koto Dareyori Mo Shitteru
Watashi Dakara Shinjirareru...

26 October 2009

my friend NIK SYAHIR!!

ellow everybody!!!
juz wanna introduce my second best friend nik hazim syahir!!!(applause!!)
there's soooooo much im gonna write bout dis guy but i'll make it simple.

to put it in words he is kinda funky donkey person in da class.
he always makes all kinds of jokes that would make you laughs all day
you'll never get tired hearing all his blabbering of all kind of bullshit.
he always do good puns and shit like that in class

he's kinda annoying sometimes
like when this one time when people are talking about something really serious and he still can jokes aroud
he too is known as da  'mulut laser' in my class

he can be ur best friend or your worst nightmare!!

nik: Naz, ko tulis ape ni??
me: takde ape-ape......
nik: sape budak kacak lagi hensem tu??
me: .........


p/s: you can contact him at myspace

25 October 2009

my LOLest friend

Hi GuyS!!
Back With A HiLLariOuS Story!!

today my Friend Azri told me send me a sms saying : Kalau hari ni merupakan "HARI BERCAKAP BENAR SEDUNIA" ape yang ko nk bgtaw aq???
then i hit him back: aq akan ckp ko gedik!!! no hard feelings ek?XD
then he was like: thx 4 calling me gediX...
 WTF?? If i was him i would explode right now!

then i say: -.-" cam marah jew...anyway sape hantar mesej ni kat ko dulu???
Seriously...he hit me back: x marah....orang gedix cam aq nie manelah bley marah...tu ko xyah taw...not everything in da world u should know...
piece of crap i would say...bajet btul mamat nih!!!!

so anyway aq pown tanyela die: kalo aq hantar mesej nie kat SI DIA ape ko rase die jwb???
then he say: die akan ckp u r soo annoying...and u are sooo my type...wakakaka

am i seeing right?? sooo my type?? so i asked him back sayin REALLY??maybe he got a typing error..aq ckp mungkin die nk kate soo NOT my type!
then he says: SOOO MY TYPE!! CUBE KO BACA BETUL2!!! aq x sejahat ko...sampai panggil kawan sendiri GEDIX!!!!

awww dats harsh really...

then aq ckp blik kt azri: jgn marah2 zery oi.....nanti cpat TUA!!
SArCAsTiCly...he send back: orang gedix cam aq mmg cepat tua pun....


then i said 2 him plz stop it pesal hal gedix2 ni all dis bullshit about gedix! i said, NANTI JADI BETUL2 Kang!!!awwwww x kuase i nak layan you!!!!!

His FiNAL message was liKE this...: pllleeaasseee arr..aq x gedix n never will  GEDIX!!! besides, you STARTED it!!!!
DaMn....aq plak yang salah...

Thats WHat you'll GET 4 being too HONEST!!

azri!!!! lol never got tired teasing him!


today i wake up verrrry amazingly early,
its veryy wierd really 4 a weekend..
i dont want 2 miss this new show on tv2 in replacement of Rockman Exe. axcess.
its called Rockman Exe. Stream
OH Yeah ur right
its the sequel 4 da anime im wacthin before
its kinda fun wacthin it tought,
if u have been followin it since the first series,
u'll know it
i've been surfin the web and do some research 4 it..(oh yeah im kinda very addicted 2 da series really)
its goes like this..
ive copied it from fansites

Being the continuation of Rockman EXE Axess and the third anime in the Rockman EXE anime series, Rockman EXE Stream takes place right where Axess left off, with Netto and Rockman's battle against Dr. Regal, leader of Nebula.

Now, something greater poses a threat for the Earth, and it's name is Duo. A mysterious net navi from space, his mission is to erase planets that are living with darkness. Because of the constant evil lurking from Regal's Dark Chips, Duo is set out to destroy Earth. But can Netto and Rockman prove to him that Earth is full of good?

Slur, Duo's partner, sends Asteroid Navis (navis with the ability to appear in the real world, at any time, with an included Dimensional Chip) to certain people, to test their morality against Netto and Rockman. Some of these people band together and form a group called Neo World Three, lead by Gauss's daughter! But what are their true intentions, and how will it interfere with Duo's test?

the opening is kinda catchy if u had heard it
its called busy: be somewhere 

24 October 2009


It's 12:34 am now,
the HELL..
OH YEAH ur right Aina,
I'm copying u,
call Me That,
I don't Care,

What am I DoiNG??
TypinG Obviously...
A bloG..
maybe a VloG..
WTF is Vlog??
I doNT KnoW...
Maybe Cuz Im Yawning..
Maybe Cuz im VERRRYY SleePy....
Like, who wanna TYPE a BLOg at this time of a day??
Me Of Course..
Yeah iTs Ur Fault,
KeePing Readin Ma BloG..
Wasting Ur Time Here,

23 October 2009


WTF?!! Its 12:28 AM based on my clock and i still cant sleep!! well mostly now i will go to kitchen to find something to eat or turn on the damn television despite knowing that no shows were on this late (its normal thing in malaysia) but what da hell? well here i am typing a blog without caring its pass my bedtime and i don't know what the hell im writing this but hey, i've just write something! hmmm....thought about it, lets review what had happened today...yesterday to be precise....I've sent da request form for MRSM, my mother scold me for being such a douchebag, crying all day long after being labelled douchebag, and i skip school today :)!! Well thats because i've got nothing better to do if i go because PMR already over(yay!) and the school have prepared a long list of the lamest things to do for us form 3 students. trust me, they really sucks like fashion shows?? c'mon people!! how lame is that?? Anyway the truth is, im really really bored right here....no books to read....no formulaes to remember....no homeworks to do....no nothing!! well its getting really past my bedtime now so if you don't like what've you read, GO TO HELL!!

22 October 2009

A New BloG iS Born~(Tadadada!!!)

Howdy guys!!! its da first time ever in my life created a blog!! Dun know what to fill it up yet but i hope y'all can support me and gives some great things 4 me to add in my blog!