18 January 2010

Is Love More Important Than Friendship?

Love and friendship are two different things. 
It is very true that friendship is the initial step to love

But not in all cases, we have some people in our lives that we consider as very good friends.

They are always there for you when ever you need them.
They wake up at four in the morning to receive your call. 

Friends are someone with whom you can share all your secrets with. 

They help you out, talk to you when you need to talk, share your problems, talk to you about their crushes, and hang around. 

Help you out with your social issues and your personal issue. 
And love is something not very much different from friendship. 

Love is a natural feeling, which comes when you start to like or love someone from the depth of your heart. This feeling is very different from all the other feelings. 

When you see them around you start to get cold sweat, and when they come to talk to you about something, you realize your tongue tight or maybe you’re lost of words. 

When they touch you, suddenly you can feel butterflies in your stomach, and then it is love.

Love and friendship are two very important relations is one’s life.

Life can be very beautiful if you both good friends and a loving boyfriend. 

So...think about it yourself...