12 June 2010


today me and my family goin for a holiday at Port Dickson
well  not all are goin...

my mom don't want to tag along cuz she knows that it will be
a lot of trouble n akwardness if she follows..

Its really a normal thing when a divorced parents takes turn to
have quality times with their children but when my younger sis
came to know that my mother doesn't going to come along she
broke to tears..
its three hours ride from tg to PD in that jam-packed car of my dad's
and I started to get very boring so I grab my dad's laptop to watch some movies..

Amjad!! so sorry i didn't wait for u but keep that cd for me.

i arrived at my uncle's choice hotel MAYANG SARI
googled it down guys kalo kome nk tgk gambo2 hotel nih..

here's a few pictures...

 me at the counter
hensem x?

 scenery from the lobby

 my cousin Amin
my dad

more picture coming soon!!!